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August 2007

YIKES! We just found out that our hosting systems anti-spam software has kept us from receiving many of your emails. If you haven't heard back from us, please re-send your note!

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Greetings Artisans, Designers, Beaders & Crafters!
I'd like to tell y'all a bit about us!

I'm Catherine -- The Bearoness -- and like you, I love crafts and crafting! In fact I started crafting as a little girl, graduating from potholders (remember those?), to jewelry designs and wire working.

The whole time I was an executive at a large technology company, my dream was to have my very own craft and jewelry business. To be around people who loved the same things I did and to enjoy customers who had the same values I did.

And now...well, it is a dream come true, thanks to all of you out there...and everyone in here. I'm so delighted we've been able keep the nearly quarter century tradition of our family owned business here at the Bearoness Beads & More!. And from what you tell me -- you are too!

We've gone through quite a bit of change as we've grown and adapted our business. Due to an accident during a bead show in 2004, that put the Bearoness in a wheelchair for a bit, we closed out Capital Crafts and Bearoness Craft Warehouse and migrated to North Raleigh and opened up our store: Bearoness Beads & More!

We're most delighted that our great friend Latrecia, better known as Tree, has joined us as our Retail Manager. She has a wealth of knowledge and years of experience in the beading world. We know you'll love her real world approach to life and her advice and help with your projects.

Melissa is pretty key in our kits and inventory up to par. In the craft business, we've seen many of our distributors and suppliers migrating to more of a jewelry business supplier approach rather than classic craft supplier. So, give us some time while we locate new suppliers or create our own parts for our kits. Also, we're adopting a new approach to our plastic and craft beads so we can keep supplying you with as many shapes, sizes and colors as possible.

Melissa is our resident bead and findings expert. Keeping track and knowing about all those little things is a challenge, but Melissa is great at it! When you see how many beads we get in from all over the world, you truly appreciate her genius.

Lora, our youngest daughter, recently joined us while her husband is on his fourth tour as a Black Hawk Helicopter Pilot in Iraq. We know you're prayers are with us for all of our service men and women until they all come home! Lora's a recent convert to beading, but with a varied craft background, she's a welcome addition to the team.

We have a number of other folks who help us out from time to time, but more on them another time.

Last, but absolutely not least, is my wonderful husband, Randy -- my Grizzley -- who has supported me in all of this, and has brought to us his own skills: a 35 year history of manufacturing operations and design that will enable us to expand in lots of exciting ways in the future.

These are the people of the Bearoness Craft Warehouse, Bearoness Beads, and Capital Crafts Distributors. I don't think you could find a better team, and judging from what many of you have told us, you agree!!!

We are all so pleased to be here, helping you with the supplies and materials you need to do your very own craft and beading projects. Feel free to call us or write us with any questions, comments, or suggestions. We value your input too! And, yes! we do think our customers are the best!

              Catherine, The Bearoness

PS: Many of you have asked how we came up with our name -- Bearoness. Our daughters wanted to have a name for our grandchildren to call me that wouldn't be confused with their paternal grandmothers. I'm an early forty-something, so rather than a "grandma" name, we hit on a name to match Randy's nickname -- Grizzley -- so Bearoness it was.....(You'll notice that we intentionally misspell both of them!)

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We Accept AMEX, VISA, MasterCard & Discover

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