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August 2007

YIKES! We just found out that our hosting systems anti-spam software has kept us from receiving many of your emails. If you haven't heard back from us, please re-send your note!

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There are two primary reasons  most have for wanting to buy wholesale instead  of retail.

First, and most sought after, lower pricing.

Second, non-payment of sales tax.

With many companies, to achieve wholesale pricing discounts, you must  purchase a certain dollar volume in each product category.  We offer  wholesale pricing discounts to companies with a resale certificate on file with  their Department of Revenue.  See below for paperwork we need to qualify you for this discount structure.  But....over the years, we've found that  many of our Retail customers purchased in large quantity for craft or jewelry  items, so we offer bulk pricing to all customers

At Bearoness Beads & More! we sell in small retail packages to meet basic requirements for an item, or we'll sell it in bulk. The more you buy of an item,  the lower the price. (For example, Buy (1-35) beads-no mix/match, you pay retail  price; Buy (36-71) beads-no mix/match, you receive a 5% discount; Buy (72-143)  beads-no mix/match, you receive a 10% discount; Buy (144+) beads-no mix/match,  you receive a 15% discount. (No Mix/Match means that it must be the same bead in size, color, shape.  There are some categories where we allow  Mix/Match.  For example:  Art Glass, regardless of the color chosen, can be mix/matched to come up with a bulk quantity for your order.  Blue Moon Beads have product families and you can mix/match colors within a product family, such as lamp work beads, to come up with the quantity for your discount.)

Our professional crafter customers, jewelry designers, group leaders and teachers tell us our bulk pricing concept is a better method for them since they tend to specialize. They  can purchase a few of our products, perfect their design, and then buy in bulk to get the best savings.  It helps us (and you), because we can count and  package the quantities ahead of time, saving on labor and maximizing our discounts from our suppliers. 

If you have a resale certificate from your state on file with us, you will receive an additional 10% off your order even on standard bulk pricing. For  special bids or orders, the 10% discount will be built into the price you are  given.

If you have a retail store and would like to stock our products,  just let us know. We offer special Commercial Pricing for retail stores open at least 5 days per week.  We need to see a copy of your yellow pages ad and a picture of your storefront. For Bead Designers, we'll quote bulk prices based on estimated volumes. For example, a bead designer buying products for 100 necklaces or bracelets will receive a deeper discount than a bead designer selling 5-10 items a month.

If you need other special pricing, we'll work up a quote for you. We're the  owners and decision makers, so we can turn around pricing quotes fast!

Non-Payment of Sales Tax:
In general, in the United States, if you purchase products wholesale,  and are registered in your state with a sales and use tax license, you are  usually eligible to avoid paying sales tax on products. The seller makes a copy  of your sales and use tax form/resale certificate, and  submits your sale  without sales tax in their regular payment of collected  sales tax to the state on a monthly or quarterly basis. If you pay sales  tax on an item eligible to be tax-free, items used in manufacture and/or subsequent resale, you  typically can deduct the sales tax paid by you  from your collections paid  to the state.

At Bearoness Beads & More!, we collect sales tax on merchandise sold in our home state of North Carolina in the United States whether it is sold at one of our stores or shipped to an address within North Carolina for purchases via  mail, phone, fax or the internet.  No sales tax is collected on any other sales unless we are selling to you in that state at a bead show or trade show -- domestically or international. No sales tax is ever charged on shipping & handling.

If you send us or bring us a copy of your resale certificate, we will keep it  on file for you,  and you'll be eligible to avoid paying sales tax on your purchases.  It will also qualify you for our wholesale discount structure.

Once we have your information, we will update your customer data on our  system, and you will be able to purchase with your wholesale pricing structure.

Retail Purchases of Bulk Products:
   NO forms Needed.  Just click on the highlighted price of items in our store  and order the bulk quantity.  Your pricing will be adjusted in your shopping cart based on the bulk pricing options for the products you've selected

Wholesale  Purchases of Products: 
1)  A copy of the Merchant's Certificate of Registration issued by your State's Secretary of Revenue acknowledging that you are registered with the Department of Revenue for the collection and payment of Sales and Use Tax.   Your business class should be identified, Retail, Wholesale, Other, and allows you to issue a Certificate of Resale to obtain property for resale without  paying the sales tax.  A copy of your pre-printed forms you use for paying  Sales and Use Tax are not adequate to qualify for wholesale pricing.  We use the guidelines to pass the State of  North Carolina Department of Revenue audits.
2)  A filled in form, for a Certificate of Resale, with your signature.  A PDF document pre-filled with as much information as we could provide, is ready for you to print off, fill in and return to us, via scan/email, fax or post, at the following link:
                   NC Department of Revenue Form E595-E for Bearoness Customers
You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader.  You can download it for free  from:
Information for sending is noted below.

Commercial Purchases of Products: 
1)  All items required for Wholesale Purchases of Products
2)  A copy of your yellow pages ad.
3)  A statement certifying you are open for retail business 5 days per week  or more.

Please send your information via email, post, or fax to:                 

Bearoness Beads & More!
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We Accept AMEX, VISA, MasterCard & Discover

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